Lapitec provides the ideal surface material for use in the kitchen, as worktops, drawer and door fronts and flooring.

  • Bio Care technology provides the material with antibacterial properties making work surfaces clean and safe to use for food preparation
  • Lapitec is highly scratch resistant providing a hard working surface
  • Large format slabs allow for seamless design
  • The Lapitec colour range is created by natural pigments and therefore provides not only a very contemporary colour range but also some very natural colours, which are beautiful against traditional cabinetry

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The technical properties of Lapitec provide ideal solutions for bathrooms, showers and wetroom design.

  • Lapitec is non porous and is therefore ideal for wet environments
  • The large format slabs provide the opportunity to create less joints and therefore a more watertight finish
  • Lapitec is available in finishes which have excellent slip resistance creating a safer floor surface when wet



Lapitec’s hardwearing properties provide an ideal solution for domestic and commercial flooring.

  • Highly scratch resistant, Lapitec is durable and easily maintained
  • Lapitec’s good thermal conductivity makes it ideal for underfloor heating
  • Lapitec is available in 12mm, 20mm and 30mm thicknesses, making it suitable for both domestic and commercial flooring applications



Lapitec provides a stylish and practical solution for internal cladding.

  • The large format slabs provide the opportunity to create seamless designs
  • Lapitec’s stability at 12mm means it can be used as lightweight cladding solutions such as door fascia and in lifts
  • Due to the variety of textures and finishes Lapitec can create a minimal yet wonderfully tactile interior